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MUMBAI: The appointment of the next coach and white-ball captain of the Indian team has become a classic case of what came first, the chicken or the egg.
Will the BCCI first appoint the next coach of the Indian team first and then appoint the captain or appoint the captain first and then select the coach? Or do it simultaneously.
Questions have been galore, unless the BCCI has decided it all internally and everything being done right now is merely a formality to convey that the ‘right processes’ are being followed. And then again, if the ‘right processes’ are being followed, then the BCCI will anyway have to first appoint a Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) – considering Madan Lal has retired – to conduct the necessary interviews.
Nevertheless, the moot question remains: Does the captain of the Indian team, regardless of the format, need to have a say in the selection of the head coach?
Since the 1990s, when Mohammed Azharuddin led India, to the turn of the century when Sourav Ganguly decided everything in Indian cricket – including the idea of first wanting to bring Greg Chappell and later insisting that he should go, to the appointment of Gary Kirsten, to MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli backing Ravi Shastri – the captain has always had a say.
Depending on who the BCCI wants to bring on board as India’s next white-ball captain – TOI had reported, it will be Rohit Sharma – the Board will have to concurrently take a call on whether the new captain should have a say in the appointment of the next coach. If not, will the BCCI be fair to this new captain?
“There’s hardly 12 months left for the next T20 World Cup (in 2022). There’s hardly 24 months left for the (2023) 50-over World Cup. I’m assuming the BCCI will not split white-ball captaincy because that doesn’t make any sense. In that case, if the new captain must start preparing for the World Cup straight away, then is it fair to not let him have a say?” say those who’re tracking Indian cricket from the closest quarters.
By allowing the news to ‘leak’ that they have been trying to ‘convince’ Dravid to take over as coach of the Indian team, the BCCI is now on a sticky wicket. A day after the news leaked out that Dravid was going to agree to BCCI’s ‘offer’ to take up the role of the head coach, India’s Test skipper Virat Kohli was asked at the ICC captains’ media conference for his views on the same.
“No idea exactly what’s happening on that front. No detailed discussion with anyone yet,” Kohli was quoted as saying.
Not the kind to mince their words, it won’t be a surprise if Kohli or any other member of the Indian team were to take up the matter with the BCCI and insist that their views be heard, thus giving way to another potential ‘Virat versus Kumble’ like scenario.

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