T20 World Cup: ‘Don’t sit in their laps’: Wasim Akram advises team Pakistan | Sports

T20 World Cup: Dont sit in their laps: Wasim Akram advises team Pakistan

Former Pakistan cricket captain Wasim Akram advised the Men in Green before they headed out to face India in the high-octane clash Sunday. 

When asked by Waqar Younis, on a private TV channel why the Indians withstand pressure better than Pakistan, Wasim Akram said:

“They [Indians] are used to playing in bigger crowds,” he said. “They have senior players and that matters as well.”

The former Pakistan captain then went on to give some sound advice to Babar Azam XI: don’t be in awe of them. 

“Shake the opposition’s hands and meet them. But don’t go check their balla (don’t go and check out their bats),” he said. 

Telling the Pakistan cricket team not to be in awe of Indian cricketers, Wasim Akram said: “After the game, you can go and sit in their godi (lap) no problem,” he said. “But before the game, keep your distance. Say hello to them and then focus on your game and be with your squad,” he added. 

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